About Us


As CEO of Friends Group of Companies, I would like to express my gratitude for our clients for their continued support of our group companies. Our mission will always be to serve our customers better than anyone else. We will provide our customers with value through our products and services and commit to providing the quality, variety and convenience they expect. FTGOS was established in 2004 first low price food supplies company, and as a company dedicated to protecting food and the green environment, we have made technological innovations in our core business of developing and promoting hygienic food supplies. Furthermore, consumers have developed a very high level of awareness with regard to issues involving food safety. Under these conditions, in addition to our company’s daily efforts toward the development of new technology, we have been working to contribute to society by creating new products that have a high degree of safety and hygiene. In closing, I would like to thank you once again and ask for your continued understanding and support. Muhammad Ayaz Malik Chief Executive Officer


Welcome to Friends Group of Company. We are an established multi dimensional structural group in UAE providing services in the field of – Life Support Services – Food Supplies- Supply Chain Management Hotel & Restaurants- Medical Equipments- Fuel Supplies – Design & Construction- Power Generation & Services – IT Solutions & Services – Travel & Tourism- Logistics.

Friends Group is committed to provide quality services. We will strive to meet our clients desires in terms of quantity & quality in a professional manner and with the integration of sound expertise in the field.


Our strategy and service philosophy offers flexibility, trust and collaboration with our clients. We provide creative and technology-forward logistics solutions to the food and beverage, chemical, consumer packaged goods, industrial /automotive, Construction Material, life sciences and healthcare, retail, consumer electronics and commercial durable goods industries. We believe in total customer satisfaction and exceeding expectations, which lead to on-time deliveries, solving complex logistics and customs scenarios and reducing your logistics costs. Our broad reach and proven expertise give us the power to deliver smart logistics and transportation solutions around the globe. When you go with Friends, you quickly realize you’ve made the right decision. The relationships we develop with our clients are built on trust and mutual respect, with open and honest communication. Order Execution – We believe in Customer is always on priority we provides the best solution for the executives looking to maximize return on their investments. A clearly defined strategy guides the daily actions called gcircle the customer circle the globe It means adding new products, Equipments and Services to solve a broadening array of customer challenges and doing so around the country. Executing this strategy translates directly to our ability to help customer achieve better solutions. That is why we say: “Where Relationship Matters”.